Actions Speak Louder was founded after a trip to Uganda in early 2018. I knew that I could not come back here and simply be “more grateful for what I have” in the US. I saw such great need that I knew I wanted to help. I formed this organization in order to support the orphanage I visited, as well as building a vision for the future of the community there.

Shiloh Children’s Care was founded by Pastor Josh Sserwadda and his wife, Esther. They have created a home for 14 orphans, as well as 3 caretakers. Uganda is one of the poorest countries in Africa, and supporting an average size family is difficult, much less one of this size. The economy there is much different than in any developed country, where there are usually minimum wage jobs to fall back on if you fall on hard times. There is no Walmart or fast food restaurant to work in just to have some income coming in. Many people there make only what they need to feed their families for that day and no more until the next. There is also no public-school system. Children whose parents have no money are doomed to a life of extreme poverty if they are unable to obtain help in receiving an education.

The Shiloh Project will be 3-fold. Our first goal is to obtain enough funds to stabilize them with basic monthly necessities. Their next most immediate need is to purchase a van. Josh and Esther use their personal vehicle to take the children to and from school 5 days a week, in addition to using it for their needs. It is extremely hot in Africa and the overuse causes the van to break down. Lastly, the goal is to buy a plot of land where we can build them a house that is more spacious and will allow them to grow. They are currently majorly overcrowded in a 3-bedroom rental. We would like to see them in a space where adults don’t share a room with children and they are no longer at the mercy of a landlord.


Provide monthly support that will pay for housing, utilities, food, water, education, wages for caretakers, and other basic necessities. We want to eventually buy land where we can build a house that we own as well as a school where children from all over the villages can come to school at low or no cost to them.


Our vision is even larger. We believe that building an economic infrastructure, with revenue streams and opportunities for employment, will empower these families to become self sustaining.  In learning how to support themselves, they also create community, commerce, and opportunities.   This will allow families to stay together. Children won’t end up in orphanages because their parents ran out of money. Through education, empowerment, and support, we can plant the seeds for success.


About the Founder

I am a wife and mother who loves my family and loves the Lord. In 2016, I really began to be convicted of living a comfortable “Christian” life. He planted a desire in me to follow Jesus in a radical way; even radical enough to travel to Uganda to join Him where He is working! After seeing such great need, I knew I couldn’t come home and do nothing. In the Bible, James 1 and 2 speak of true religion being taking care of widows and orphans and faith without works being useless. I felt God calling me to start Actions Speak Louder. My hope is that God will be glorified and lives will be changed through obedience to Him.