It begins with meeting practical needs, but leads to so much more.

It’s the dignity of earning instead of waiting for a handout. It’s the reliance on God’s promise that He will provide when we trust Him. It’s the growing of faith that produces testimony after testimony of God’s faithfulness. It’s the Great Commission!

The Discipleship Project

Making disciples that makes disciples in areas where this is a new concept to excited believers in Jesus!

The Hand-Up Project

Providing scholarships for vocational training, business training, and micro loans to help moms and dads support their families.


The Jinja Project

Actions Speak Louder’s first project was to help sustain a children’s home in Jinja, Uganda, while they worked to find support and other sources of funding


The Lweteega Project

This initiative funded repairs to the village school and is committed to supplementing teacher pay for at least 1 year

COVID Relief 

Millions of people were locked down for weeks at a time during COVID surges. For many people who already lived hand-to-mouth, this was a life threatening situation. Actions Speak Louder provided life-saving food to hundreds of people during both lockdowns.

Our goal is to change the life course of people in need.

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