The Leweteega Project

Lenora meeting

Truly, God goes before us and orders our steps when we are serving Him. On our way out of Uganda during a February 2019 trip, we were connected by our pastor’s wife to a woman living there as a full-time missionary named Lenora. They had served together in a church in Pinellas County, Florida (where my family lives and attends church) about 16 years ago. We planned to meet where Lenora was teaching Bible school in Kampala and have lunch before heading to the airport. Mission work is so interesting, as you’re constantly being surprised at how your preconceived notions and how you expect things to be are not as they actually are. I assumed she was teaching children at a school. Wrong. She was teaching at a house that had set up chairs in the dirt and makeshift tarps hung to block the sun. And she was teaching adults.

The false teaching about God and His Word is rampant throughout Uganda. Lenora is there undoing wrong theology and understanding of God and replacing it with correct and biblically sound truth. I thought our trip was over and I was just there to eat, but God wrecked me as I sat and listened to her teach. I knew she was anointed and God had called her to this mission.

We stayed in touch and actually returned in October of 2019 to visit the village, Lweteega (pronounced Ruh-tay-guh), where she lives. The people here welcomed us with open arms. They greeted us with paper chain necklaces and a church service where they danced, sang, and finally laid hands on us and prayed for God’s blessing. I literally felt the power of the Holy Spirit come over me that day and nearly bring me to my knees. The precious people in Lweteega love and serve God!

Upon return to the US I began to pray and ask God’s direction  for a new project for our ministry. I really felt Him leading us away from any long-term support commitments, especially those that had the potential to create entitlement by supporting anyone at 100%. After some time, I believed God was calling us to help Lweteega with their village school. It had dirt floors and many of the children were habitually getting jiggers, which are parasitic fleas that cause a lot of pain. The roof had gaping holes in so the rain would pour in making it impossible to hold lessons in certain classrooms. Even greater than these issues was the caliber of teaching the children were under. The village could only afford to pay bottom-of-the-line teachers who really didn’t even know how to teach and were also abusive to the children. The headmaster held the same position at 2 other schools and, frankly, didn’t care about the Lweteega school or its children.

Amanda shraring
Lweteega Project

Actions Speak Louder funded the work of putting concrete floors in the school as well as new chalkboards and a newly repaired and painted roof. We are also temporarily committed to supplementing what they could not pay to hire a new headmistress and better quality teachers for the school. The school only charges a tuition of about $11 per semester (3-month period), and we want to help them keep those costs down so more villagers can provide their children with an education. Our ministry partners on the ground there tell us that it’s energized the entire village! Because of the help with salaries, they were able to add an additional grade to receive and teach Primary 7 students (age 13-14).On the first day of school they had 7 new students enrolled! Our prayer is that the school will be energized and the leaders will be proactive in improving the education, which will, in theory, bring them more students and closer to being self-sustaining.